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Integrated Skills Development

Integrated skills development approach strengths learners to understand, communicate and develop the English language effectively as a whole rather than as four different skills.

  • Listening

    • Identify and discriminate sounds, stress and intonation
    • Listen for explicit and implicit meaning
    • Work out the meaning of words using contextual, video or pictorial clues

  • Reading

    • Locate information and ideas
    • Understand the basic conventions of written English
    • Construct meaning from texts

  • Speaking

    • Pronounce words and phrases authentically
    • Use simple phrases and sentences to communicate (learn through animations)
    • Use appropriate intonation and stress to communicate (learn through listening)
    • Ask and respond to others' opinions (e.g. My favourite fruit is mango. What is your favourite fruit?)

  • Writing

    • Use the basic conventions of written English
    • Apply correct sentence structures to make meaningful phrases or sentences
    • Use correct language patterns, verb forms and structural patterns
    • Write paragraphs which develop main ideas