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In ancient Greek stories, Athena and her Owl exude a feeling of great wisdom, strength and intelligence. Now, they would like to see if children are as wise as they are. Is your child ready for the challenge?

In each lesson, the Magic Owl will give you some thinking questions. They train you in memory, reasoning, predicting and higher-order thinking skills. The curriculum is designed based on EDB themes and KS2 language functions to ensure that it aligns closely with the school syllabus. Through this programme, you will also gain English skills, practical communication, decision-making and critical-thinking skills.

Athena and the Magic Owl
Thinking and Generic Skills Development


Develop thinking skills through reading and listening

Learn English in context

Arouse learning interest with engaging multimedia content

Hold students’ attention with fun, playful lesson design

Provide hints to inspire thinking

Reinforce learning through review

Develop vocabulary building skills

Help monitor learning progress by weekly reports
Enrich skills development through classroom discussion

Critical thinking is one of the most valuable skills we can pass on to our children. Supporting and nurturing these skills is crucial to the development of strong academic and lifelong problem-solving skills. If children can have fun with these skills, they will love learning.