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Structured curriculum for learning

Fun n’ Friends provides an enjoyable but pedagogically advanced curriculum for child language learning.

It uses TfU* Curriculum framework that focuses on learning diversity, understanding and practical skills development

TfU* is developed by Project Zero, Harvard Graduate School of Education.

2012-13 Highlights

1. Students’ Voices

Reinforces vocabulary and concept learning and integrates learning into context with a personal touch

2. Skills Analysis

Analyses pupils' English skills in listening, vocabulary, reading and usage, so children and teachers can strengthen their skills and work on areas for improvement

3. e-Portfolio

Details each child's individual learning journey with a complete record of their learning portfolio each year

4. Prizes

Children earn points to build their own virtual aquarium.

5.iPad and Android Versions Avaibale

6. Up-to-Date Content with Local and Global News

7. Nickelodeon Content

Award-winning and engaging content makes learning more interesting and effective.

Fun and Friends uses Universal Design for Learning, an educational framework based on leading research by CAST in the learning sciences to accommodate learning differences.