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Parents, pupils, teachers and principals

Fun n’ Friends has proven to be a favourite with children and their parents. Thank you to those parents who had given us positive and constructive feedback at our regular follow-up meetings and from the Parents’ Sharing Sessions. Here are some stories and quotes from our valued children and parents.


"It is a great chance for our students to have an online platform to learn and practise English outside the classroom. Fun n’ Friends provides innovative and interactive exercises as well as attractive animation programs. The exercises are kept updated every single week. Pupils are delighted through this remarkable and fun learning process. The awards scheme is really a magnificent idea, encouraging pupils to get the achievements, and thus building confidence. Our school’s teachers and parents support and commend Fun n’ Friends without reservation."

Principal Tsang | Yan Chai Hospital Law Chan Chor Si Primary School

"As the principal, my responsibilities are to invite the participation of pupils and teachers, and to supervise the implementation of this programme. I agree with the concept of this plan and its implementation process. I think the Fun n 'Friends programme is very good, and can be effectively used to help pupils in self-learning. It allows them to improve their English in their spare time. Even through we need to invest a considerable amount of manpower and resources at the beginning, the results are encouraging. I hope this plan will be appreciated by parents and well received by pupils, so that they will participate actively to achieve the best results. Although Fun n 'Friends has just been implemented in our school, the effectiveness is obvious. I hope this plan can fully demonstrate the effectiveness of the Fun and Friends programme, so that our pupils can benefit from it."

Principal Liu Chi Leung | Fung Kai No.1 Primary School


"I think the videos in Fun n 'Friends are quite attractive. Children get bored if we just give them exercises full of texts. If they can watch videos while doing the exercises, especially those cartoons that they can see from TV programmes, they will like it. Children may not understand the meaning of every word, but they can guess it from the actions and clues from the scenes.”

Miss Wan, English Panel | Chinese YMCA Primary School


“Ronald enjoys doing Fun n’ Friends very much because there are various updated topics included in the lessons. He also finds the videos and movie trailers very interesting. Hence, he takes the initiative to do the exercises”

Parent of Ronald Ho (2J) | Diocesan Boys' School Primary Division/span>

“Jason enjoys doing Fun n’ Friends very much and likes the content as well. He is now doing Level 5 and finds it very suitable to use in terms of the content and usage. He hopes to continue doing Fun n’ Friends next year.”

Parent of Jason Tsui (2S) | Diocesan Boys' School Primary Division

“Wan Hou loves doing Fun n’ Friends and he finds the cartoons very funny and interesting. This adds a “fun factor” to the questions, encouraging him to do the exercises. He often takes the initiative to wake up early on Monday and Thursday mornings to do Fun n’ Friends. This eagerness has led to great improvement in his listening and typing skills. Fun and Friends are definitely his favourite online exercises.”

Parent of Wan Hou (2D) | Diocesan Boys' School Primary Division

“I find the topics and content interesting, especially the cartoons, which can arouse my daughter Kristy's interest very much. Fun and Friends also covers a broad spectrum, including listening, vocabulary, and grammar. Kristy learns a lot of new vocabulary words from Fun n' Friends…”

Parent of Kristy Li (Class 2B) | Maryknoll Convent School (Primary Section)

“My daughter is doing level 5 in primary 3. Some of the exercises are quite challenging, especially answering the perfect tenses questions, but she can still manage it. She enjoys the topics and content, especially the cartoons iCarly, Wonder Pets and Avatar. These story-based videos arouse her interest most and encourage her to keep on doing the exercises. As a result, her listening and dictation skills have greatly improved. Moreover, doing the Fun and Friends exercises requires substantial typing, which enhances her typing skills and ability, which also helps her accomplish school tasks with greater efficiency.”

Parent of Audrey Tang (3E) | Maryknoll Convent School (Primary Section)

“My daughter likes the videos very much, especially the iCarly, SpongeBob, and Ling Ling videos. Fun n’ Friends has an innovative way of providing English exercises and learning. My daughter very much anticipates doing the exercises and is looking forward to every opportunity to watch the videos and do the exercises. She would even repeat the videos over and over again and is often very excited about the upcoming lessons. After doing Fun n’ Friends, my daughter's English has greatly improved, especially in listening. Before, she could not pick up a lot from English movies, but now, she can listen and understand without having to read the subtitles. Most importantly, Fun n’ Friends gives the children a lot of opportunities to learn at home without occupying the parents' time as it does not require much help or guidance from us and we know that our daughter is learning a lot at home safely.”

Parent of Pauline Wong | Maryknoll Convent School (Primary Section)

“The animations, cartoons, and movie trailers of Fun n'Friends really aroused the interest of my daughter, Chloe. She enjoyed watching the videos on the site, which greatly improved her listening skills.”

Parent of Chloe Yeung (2C) | Maryknoll Convent School (Primary Section)

“My kids are studying at YCH Law Chan Chor Si Primary school. Chi Him (Grade 6A) and his younger sister Sze Wai (Grade 5B) were delighted to receive the certificates issued by your company. Being two of the top 50, I believe they will continue to participate in and learn from your programs. Their opinion of 'Fun and Friends' is obviously very positive because they take the initiative to do the exercises. Most of all they enjoy the video clippings very much. The exercises are neither not too easy nor difficult for them. Thank you for providing this great opportunity for them to improve their language skills. ”

Parent of Wong Chi Him (6B) and Wong Sze Wai (Grade 5A) | Yan Chai Hospital Law Chan Chor Si Primary School

“Many thanks for your great Fun n’ Friends programme. Initially, Adam and I (Mom) do the programme together. I assisted him with some difficult listening and with some words. Eventually, as time went on, Adam did the exercises himself and started to enjoy doing it. He remembered to do it on Monday or after Monday despite his heavy homework load. He began to enjoy it more as there were bonus stories for him to read in his leisure time. He even shares the bonus stories with me after he receives it. His award certificate also really helps support his secondary school application. I think Adam has progressed incredibly in English listening and thus would like to share this with your team. Again many thanks.”

Parent of Ng Man Hei Adam (5A) | Yan Chai Hospital Law Chan Chor Si Primary School


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