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Research shows that Fun n’ Friends is very effective in helping children improve their English language ability. Under the proper guidance and support, your child will get the best results from Fun n’ Friends. The following are the guidance support strategies parents are advised to follow to ensure effective learning:

Guidance and Support

  • Schedule a regular timetable for study (we recommend 1.5-2.5 hours weekly)
  • For optimal learning benefits, the duration of study for every lesson should be approximately 25-30 minutes
  • The best scores to achieve should be 70-90
  • If your child receives a score lower than 70, a re-do of the entire lesson including watching the animation is suggested
  • Encourage your child to re-do lessons weekly
  • If your child consistently achieves a score of 90 or above on their first attempt of lessons, a level upgrade is suggested
  • Take an active interest in your child’s progress by keeping a regular check of your child’s report, and providing them with love and encouragement
  • Contact the learning consultants of Fun n’ Friends to provide the best curriculum arrangement for your child

Download Directive for using Fun n’ Friends

For enquiries and assistance, please contact our Learning Hotline at 3188 2357.

Parent Tips


How does Fun and Friends improve results and solidify the learning foundation of your child?

  • Uses select episodes from 300 award-winning animations
  • Focuses on English and communication skills
  • Engages your child with repetition to give him/her a sense of achievement and confidence
  • Uses diverse content with global perspectives

How does Fun n’ Friends facilitate parent-child communications?

  • Provides a fun-to-learn journey for your child
  • Inspires your child to develop a thirst for world knowledge
  • Rewards your child through the journal and stickers
  • Encourages your child by monitoring his/her progress through Bi-weekly Progress Reports
  • Uses learning tips to motivate your child to achieve continuous learning

How can my domestic helper assist my child to use Fun n’ Friends when I’m at work?

  • Your helper can assist your child to log-in easily for the first few times
  • Your child can learn International English on his/her own
  • You can redo the lesson with your child when you return home from work, helping to positively reinforce your child’s learning