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Sounds of English for Primary School

Help your child becomes a happy, confident, and successful reader by providing him/her with a solid foundation for learning to read, write, and spell!

Sounds of English for Primary School is a Phonics Programme that helps your child understand the relationships between letters and individual sounds. Knowing these relationships he/she will be able to read the familiar words more accurately, analyse new words, and write words.


  • Integrates with the Key Stage 1 and 2 language functions of the EDB English Curriculum
  • Provides video clips of mouth movements so children can read, see and hear how to articulate the phonic words
  • Gives word examples for each phonics sound to solidify the learning
  • Provides audio clips to practise listening skills
  • Allows children to immediately practise phonic in short story that highlight the phonic rules
  • Offers instant feedback to help your child identify the mistakes

Equip your child with the phonics skills and give him/her a taste of success in reading. Don't be surprise that he/she finds learning to read is exciting!